Paragraph writing format on scientific topic for all class students

Paragraph writing format on a scientific topic

 The modern era is characterized by scientific discoveries. We can see science’s contribution no matter which way we look. Many excellent inventions have come from science. Because of these creations, man has added the entire planet to his list of accomplishments.  [   — —— ]   is an example of this type of invention. Most people are familiar with the details of[-.-.-.—]now. It was utilized in a limited area around the world after its invention. But [ ……-]is now used in various locations. It can be found in homes, offices, clinics, and retail malls, among other places. The number of sectors in the can is growing every day. The number of consumers is likewise rising rapidly. Its popularity is on the rise right now.

It has massive benefits. The world has become narrower as a result of it. It has transformed life easier and more enjoyable for humans. Furthermore, it is a dubious communication medium. Through it, people can learn what is occurring in the farthest reaches of the globe in a short period of time. It has also saved time. It is also used to run a business and other tasks. People are actually benefiting from it in a variety of ways. It has enabled the unthinkable to become possible.

It is a well-known fact that shadow hides behind light and evil hides behind good. Similarly, there are certain downsides too  It is detrimental to humans when it is misused. It can sometimes cause us untold anguish. Furthermore, it can sometimes be harmful to one’s health. People are unaware of the dangers associated with its usage.

In conclusion, despite some flaws, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We must accept the qualities. As a result, ——’s blessing should be put to good use for the sake of humanity.


This paragraph is effective for the students of  Madhyamik, class11 of wbbse and wbchse . Besides, the pupils of other boards will get advantages reading this paragraph.

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