Very Short Type Extra Questions and Answers – Three Questions CLASs 12 and 7

The Tsar’s first question, according to the story Three Questions, was when the correct moment was for each activity.

  • How many questions did the Tsar have in his head?

Three questions arose in the mind of the Tsar.

  • Why, according to certain learned men, is it necessary to prepare a table of days, months, and years ahead of time?


Ans:- According to certain learned men, one must prepare a calendar of days, months, and years ahead of time in order to decide the appropriate time for each action.

  • In response to the second question, what did some learned people say?

Ans:- In response to the second question, some scholarly people said that the Tsar’s most important individuals were his councilors; others said priests; others said physicians, and yet others said warriors were the most important.

  • What is the name of the author of the story “Three Questions”?

The story “Three Questions” was written by Leo Tolstoy.

  •  Who was it that the hermit received?


Ans: The hermit only received ordinary people.

  • Why did the hermit choose to live in the woods?


ans; The hermit chose life in the woods to avoid the rich and their pride.

  • What do the narrative Three Questions teach us?


The lesson of the narrative “Three Questions” is that the most significant moment is “now,” the most important guy is the one with whom one is currently talking, and the most important matter in our lives is to do good to others.

  • What was the hermit’s claim to fame?


ANS; The hermit Is well known for his profound knowledge and wisdom.


  • . Why did the hermit not respond to the Tsar verbally at first?

Ans- At first, the hermit refused to offer the Tsar a vocal response because he intended the Tsar to learn the relevant answers through his own experience.

  • What caused the Tsar to sleep off?


Ans- The Tsar dozed off since he was exhausted from his journey and the hard work he had put in.

  • When did the Tsar go to see the hermit, and what season was it?


The Tsar traveled to meet the hermit during the summer season.

  • How did the Tsar respond when he learned of the bearded man’s incident?


Ans- The compassionate Tsar agreed to send a doctor to the bearded man’s location and return his possessions.

  • When the Tsar reached the hermit, how did he appear?

When the Tsar reached the hermit, he appeared feeble and sick.

  • What is the Tsar’s method of bandaging the wounded man?


Ans- The Tsar utilized his handkerchief and the hermit’s towel to bandage the wounded man.

  • . What was the hermit’s reason for his heavy breathing?


Because he was too elderly to dig the ground, the hermit was exhaling heavily.

  •  How did the monarch offer to reward everybody who correctly answered his questions?

The king promised the guy a large sum of money as a reward. If somebody could provide a suitable response to his question.

  • According to the knowledgeable men, who were the most important people?

The most important people, according to the educated men, were counselors, priests, doctors, and warriors.

  • What was the Tsar’s reasoning for not agreeing with any of the scholarly men?

Because the replies varied, the Tsar could not agree with any of the scholarly men.

  • What was the Tsar’s reason for going to the woods?

The Tsar traveled to the woods to meet the hermit, believing that he would be able to provide him with the answers he needed.

  • What was the hermit’s claim to fame?


The hermit was well-known for his knowledge, according to the answer.


  • What was the hermit’s reason for living in the woods?


Ans. The hermit resided in the woods because he loved a simple existence. He never left the wilderness and only welcomed common people.


  • How did the Tsar come into contact with the hermit?


Ans. The Tsar dismounted and proceeded to the hermit, leaving his security behind, for the hermit only received simple folk.


  •  How did the Tsar meet the hermit?


Ans. The Tsar was warmly received by the hermit.


  • How did the hermit spend his time when the Tsar paid him a visit?


Ans. When the Tsar came to see him, the hermit began digging the earth in front of his hut.


  •  How many times did the Tsar ask the same questions?


Ans. When the Tsar had dug two seedbeds, he asked the same questions again.


  • What happened on the eve of the Tsar’s return?


Ans. The Tsar was ready to return home when he noticed a bearded man running out of the woods.


  • How did the Tsar take care of the injured man?


Ans. The Tsar and the hermit both undid the man’s clothes. The Tsar then cleaned and bandaged his wound. He carried on in this manner until the blood stopped flowing.


  • In  “Three Questions,” who was the bearded man?


The bearded man was a Tsar’s foe who intended to kill him for murdering his brother and stealing his property. After the Tsar and the hermit rescued his life, the bearded man became a friend of the Tsar.


  • How many times did the Tsar inquire of the hermit?


Ans. The Tsar pressed the hermit for an answer four times.


  •  What is the most important thing to do, according to the hermit?


Ans. The most important thing, according to the hermit, is to do good to the individual with whom one is currently interacting.


  • . What is the most crucial moment in the hermit’s opinion?


Ans. The most crucial period, according to the hermit, is now.


  • Who, in the hermit’s opinion, is the most significant person?


Ans. The most important person, according to the hermit, is the one with whom we are currently conversing.


  • . What single term did the hermit choose to describe the most crucial period of human history?


Answer: The hermit used only one word to describe the most crucial period of human life: now.


  •  Why is it so necessary to be present, according to the hermit?


Ans. The hermit believes that the present is significant since it is the only period in which a person has any power.


  • According to the hermit, the man was sent to this existence for a reason.


The hermit believes that man is only sent to this life to do good to others around him.


  •  What prompted the man to emerge from his ambush?


Ans: The man emerged from his ambush after losing patience with the Tsar’s failure to return on his journey.


  • Why did the man ask the Tsar’s forgiveness?


Ans: The man sought the Tsar’s pardon because the Tsar saved his life when he was gravely injured, despite his intention to kill the Tsar.


  •  What did the Tsar’s injured man offer him?


Ans: The wounded man assured the Tsar that both he and his sons will be his most obedient servants.

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