letter for special class for upcoming exam for class 9,10,12

letter for a special class for upcoming examination

letter for a special class for upcoming examination

After the Test Examination, write a letter to your school’s Headmaster/Headmistress requesting extra lessons.
Dear Mr. Headmaster,





sub-–special classes After the Test Examination will be organized.


Respectfully, Sir/Madam,

I have the honor of informing you that I am a pupil in your school’s class XII. I’d like to draw your attention to the need to schedule special classes following the Test Examination since the majority of our departing batch’s students were unable to adequately study for the final exam due to the long and protracted summer vacation.

Some of the current syllabus’s chapters are unclear to us. To recover from the crisis, we will need particular assistance from our subject instructors who are experts in their fields. Many of our students come from low-income families who are unable to afford private tutoring in all subjects.

That is why, in order to prepare adequately for the next H. S. Examination, particular sessions on certain subjects such as English, Math, and Geography are increasingly vital.


I am confident that you would view my petition favorably and arrange for special classes as soon as feasible.


Thank you very much,
Tuesday, February 15th, 2022
yours  obediently

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