Impotant Paragraphs for 2023 Madhyamik

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Important paragraphs for 2023 Madhyamik

Paragraph on Train Journey 

The most valuable thing to me is a train journey. When I travel with my friends and family, it is even more fun. I vividly remember travelling my entire family to Mumbai for my cousin’s wedding. It was my second time travelling outside of my hometown, therefore it was a terrific experience for me. It was stunning to see people cross the tracks in what appeared to be a race between trains and bicycles. Some children waved their hands in farewell. Sitting at the window and enjoying in the scenery is so priceless compared to a flight. Even more stunning is to have evening tea while watching the sun set between the hills. . My father would contact the tea vendor and order some snacks for us every time he crossed the street. It becomes difficult for you to restrain yourself from rushing to the food stand at every station even if you are on a diet. You can read a newspaper, a journal, a fantasy novel, etc. if you’re bored.

Felling of trees

The most important elements of our ecosystem are trees. They absorb water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to make oxygen, which supports all life on earth. There are many different species of trees that give us materials for food, shelter, clothes, and medicines. Paper, furniture, and other everyday items are made with the help of timber and wood derived from trees in numerous businesses.

Now,  trees are cut down daily to satisfy these demands. This is making life challenging and causing an atmosphere to lose stability. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing an increase in pollution.
For a safer, brighter lifestyle, it is important to raise awareness about the need to maintain and preserve trees. To save trees and maintain the planet’s natural ecosystem, students, schools, and other organisations can take an active part.

Paragraph on Malnutrition

To carry out the various living activities, our body needs energy. Our daily food intake provides us with the calories we need for this energy. The type of food we eat determines the nutrients we receive from it. We must make sure the food we eat is nutrient-dense, including in terms of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. Due to a lack of resources, a large number of people worldwide cannot afford food that is high in key nutrients. They simply consume anything they can to satisfy their hunger, which leads to their weakness and malnutrition. Obesity is a result of eating too much food that is high in calories but low in nutrients, and this is also an indication.In India, the majority of children are experiencing severe consequences of malnutrition. This is brought on by nutritionally deficient food consumption, hunger, and poverty. The real causes of social ills like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, etc. must be addressed first. Every person in the globe must support the proper implementation of the policies and programmes at the ground level. This might be able to eventually end the malnutrition problem in all of the world’s countries.

Paragraph An ideal school

I think everyone has their own idea of ​​what an ideal school should be.  In my opinion, the ideal school  consists of buildings with ultra-modern infrastructure and first-class facilities.  Apart from that, a well-stocked library with state-of-the-art facilities for students to  research and study is also necessary.  Computerized inventory should also be introduced for ease of reference, and the ideal school should have business-oriented gymnasiums and sports centers.  Students should not do homework for themselves.  Teachers can organize outdoor biology classes  so  students can soak up the beauty of nature, or organize excursions to exhibitions and conventions to make learning more interesting.  An ideal school should also have traditional arts and culture lessons to foster a spirit of gratitude in students.  Additionally, classes should start at 10:00 am to maximize student learning.
So why can’t schools teach and learn paperless? However, we believe that the idea of ​​creating an ideal school is more than just a dream.

Paragraph on Leisure Time

Free time is the time when a man is freed from his daily duties. Everyone can do what they love best. In a nutshell, it is a temporary relief from the monotony of everyday life. Villagers spend their free time flying kites, fishing, swimming and gardening. City dwellers spend their free time shopping, reading books, watching television, using computers, and visiting parks and zoos.

Common sports include soccer, cricket, haddudu and chess. Common pastimes include chatting, listening to the radio and television, and reading books and newspapers. The sky is so clear. Various kinds of flowers are blooming here and there. People enjoy it a lot. At the end of winter, many people travel from one place to another enjoying the beauty of nature. Also, people enjoy playing different kinds of games like badminton, volleyball, dahlia he banda, hadudu. Traveling is a good pastime. It refreshes our spirit and broadens our horizons.

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