Questions and Answers Kabuliwala : ICSE Class 10, 9.7

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Questions and Answers Kabuliwala BY RABINDRA NATH TAGORE 

  • What exactly is a Kabuliwala?

The Kabuliwala was a tall, unkempt-looking Afghan street vendor. He wore a turban, wore a sack over his shoulders, and held a few boxes of dry grapes. Rahamat was his name.

  • How can you describe her as a chatty young lady?

Mini is currently residing in her home. Her behavior indicates that she is a very talkative young lady. Her father claims that she has never squandered a single second of her life by keeping quiet. She couldn’t seem to stop talking. Her mother was always troubled by this and would tell her to stop talking like a child, but her father do not.

  • How did Mini spend his time prior to the game?

Mini was seated with her father planned to play. She was inquiring, but he was preoccupied with his work. Mini was told to go play with Bhola. She took a seat next to his writing desk and started a game of knick-knacks.

  • How did Mini’s father spend all his time at the time?

Mini’s father, the chapter’s narrator, was working on the 17 chapter of his novel. Pratap Singh’s character was leaping off a high balcony with Knachanmala at night in the novel’s seventeenth chapter. Mini, on the other hand, was bombarding him with questions.

  • Describe the Kabuliwala in detail.

The Kabuliwala was a tall, unkempt-looking Afghan street trader. He wore a turban, carried a backpack on his shoulders, and held a few cartons of dry grapes. Rahamat was his name. Mini was terrified that the Kabuliwala would kidnap and keep children in his bag.


She was terrified after she saw the Kabuliwallah and rushed to her mother’s shelter before disappearing. She had a naive assumption that there were two or three additional children like herself inside the bag. He tried to lure her with almonds and raisins, but she refused. It was their first encounter.


The narrator characterizes his wife as fearful because she always assumes that if she hears a commotion in the street or sees people approaching the home, they are either robbers or drunkards, or snakes, tigers, malaria, cockroaches, or caterpillars.

  •  Make a list of the human qualities you see in the story.

Answer: This chapter tells the narrative of Mini and the Kabuliwallah’s connection and human relationship. The girl’s vibrant engagement and devotion to her father are mentioned. Mini’s father, in the end, demonstrates a greater human attribute of generosity by providing the kabuliwallah with money so that he might visit his daughter.

  • How did Mini get the impression that the Kabuliwala was concealing the kidnapped children in his bag?

The Kabuliwala used to carry a large bag with him. He wore it on his shoulder at all times. Upon seeing him, he assumed the Kabuliwala had stolen two or four children from his bag and hidden them. This belief may have come from his mother, who believes that the seniors of the house say such things to intimidate the children. They are attempting to keep kids away from outsiders in this manner.

  •  How did Mini and Kabuliwala become friends?

Other than Mini’s father, Kabuliwala was really the only person who paid attention to Mini. He used to always offer Mini nuts and raisins, as well as do silly things to amuse her. As a result of this, they were able to close the gap between them and become excellent friends.


  •  What was the Kabuliwala’s secret to always returning the money?

Mini was a favorite of Kabuliwala’s. He, like Mini, had a daughter. He felt he was keeping his daughter happy by making Mini happy. For Mini, he used to bring cashew-almond-raisins. He disliked accepting money as payment for his daughter’s present. As a result, he used to return money that was handed to him.

  • What was Kabuliwala’s relationship with the narrator’s daughter like?

Rahamat was an Afghan person. He traveled to Kolkata to conduct business. Back home, he had a daughter named Mini. He wished he could be with her. He became very attracted to Mini after seeing his daughter’s reflections in her.

  •  Where had the Kabuliwala vanished to?

The Kabuliwala was sentenced to prison for causing serious bodily harm to a guy. In the narrator’s colony, he had a customer who refused to pay his shawl bill. Things became tense, and Rahamat murdered the person in the heat of combat.

  • Mini’s mother wished to keep an eye on Rahmat, but her father was unable to resist him. Who do you believe was correct? Why?


Mini’s mother wished to keep an eye on Rahmat, but her father was unable to resist him. It is clear from the account that the father was correct. But, come to think of it, Mother was also correct. It is not inscribed on anyone’s face whether they are good or bad. The mother was aware of her child and requested that the father do the same. People take advantage of children’s naivety, she knew. Parents that are aware of their surroundings can keep their children secure. As a result, we believed Mother was totally correct.

  • When the narrator was disturbed, what was he doing? Who was it that interrupted him?

Answer: The narrator was in the middle of writing the seventeenth chapter of his novel when Mini, his five-year-old daughter, stepped into the room and started talking.

  • What prompted Mini to summon the Kabuliwala? When she shouted out to her father, what did he think?

Mini immediately stopped her game of knick-knack while remaining in her father’s room and cried out to the Kabuliwala. She didn’t have any specific motive to call him. Mini’s father, on the other hand, saw him as a bother who, like his daughter, would come in and interrupt his writing.

  • How did Mini get a half-rupee coin? Why?

Mini’s father handed the Kabuliwala half a rupee in exchange for the dry fruits he provided her for free. However, because the Kabuliwala cared about Mini, he returned the coin to her.

  • What was Mini’s mother’s reason for scolding her?

Mini’s mother chastised her since she had a half-rupee coin in her possession and no one knew where she acquired it. She had no idea Rahman had returned it to her. She wished for her to remember that stealing from strangers was wrong.

  • How did he find time to see Mini even while he was busy paying his bills?

Answer: Despite having to race from house to house collecting his debts, Rahman always made time for Mini. He made it a point to meet her in the evening on days when he couldn’t meet her in the morning.

  • .What was the source of the street ruckus?

The police had detained Rahman and some other street urchins, and they were being led through the streets, causing a disturbance.

  •  What was the purpose of the police officer’s blood-stained knife?

Answer: Rahman had stabbed a man who owed him money with a blood-stained knife, which the cop was holding. A dispute erupted between them after the man failed to pay his debts, and Rahman stabbed the man in a fit of rage.

  • . How did Mini react when he saw Rahman with the Police?

Answer: Mini interrupted Rahman as he was hurling nasty insults at the corrupt man who refused to accept his money. However, when Mini shouted out to him in her usual manner, “Kabuliwala, O Kabuliwala,” Rahman’s face lit up with delight. When Mini asked whether he was heading to his in-laws, Rahman chuckled and stated, pointing to his hands, that if his hands weren’t tied, he would have beaten up the in-law.

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