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A face in the dark questions and answer  TREASURE TROVE


1.What was once known as the “Eton of the East”? Why?

Mr. Oliver was a teacher at an all-boys school in Shimla known as the “Eaton of the East.”
Eton College, in Eton, Berkshire, near Windsor, is one of the most prestigious and expensive English boarding schools for boys (UK). Because the school was run on English public school lines and the boys were largely from wealthy Indian families, Mr. Olvier’s school was dubbed “Eton of the East.”

2.What kind of weather did Oliver have on the night he returned to school? What role does it play in the story’s setting?

The author has created an uncanny atmosphere in the novel, in keeping with the spirit of the story. It was late at night, and there was a strong wind blowing, and the pine trees were making strange noises, indicating that something bad was about to happen. The batteries in Oliver’s torch were running out, creating a fearful and suspenseful atmosphere.

3. What did Mr. Oliver see when he passed through the pine forest on his way back?

Mr. Oliver was returning through the pine forest as he always did. He had a torch in his hand to view the path, but the light was faint due to the low battery. Something suddenly attracted his attention. When he shone his torch on it, he saw an image of a youngster sitting on a rock, crying and covering his face with his hands. He was taken aback because boys were not supposed to attend our school at the time.

4.What prompted Mr. Oliver to get closer to the youngster?

In order to recognize the youngster, Mr. Oliver walked closer to him. Mr. Oliver noticed a figure of a boy seated on a rock while returning through the pine forest. Though he was in a hurry to go under the warmth of the comforters, he came to a halt and stepped closer to him to get a better view of his face.

5.Why did Mr. Oliver advise the youngster that he shouldn’t be out at that hour?

Mr. Oliver was taken aback when he noticed the youngster sitting alone on the rock in the pine forest late at night. He believed that the young boys should not be gone from their families at that hour. As a result, he advised him not to go out at that time.

6.What was it about the watchman that was odd? When the watchman raised the lantern to reveal his face, what occurred to Mr. Oliver?

Mr. Oliver saw that the watchman, like the youngster, had no face when the watchman raised the lantern to his face. He lacked a face, ears, eyes, and nose. He lacked any facial characteristics, not even a brow. Mr Oliver fell in horror when he saw this bizarre and strange object.

7.The narrative comes to a stunning conclusion. Why?

Oliver bolted from the faceless boy and yelled for assistance. A lantern was dangling in the middle of the path, which he noticed. What happened next was an exciting climax, as Oliver staggered up to a watchman only to discover that he, too, was faceless, lacking even eyebrows. When the lamp was blown out by the wind, the climax was reached, allowing the readers to speculate on what might have happened to Oliver.

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