Report on a magic show that took place at your school. This Report Writing is Very Important for Your Final Exam.

Report on a magic show that took place at your school. For the Madhyamik and HS Final Exams, this report is vital. Prepare thoroughly for this report writing in order to obtain the best result on your final exam.


Report on a magic show

Our school organized a magic show yesterday at 10 a.m. in the auditorium hall. All schoolchildren were invited to the performance. Of course, their parents were welcome to accompany them, but they had to purchase tickets. A crowd of about  300 onlookers crowded the theatre. The program began at 10.30 am and ran till 4 pm. Despite the 4-hour length of the program, we were never even slightly bored. A skilled magician performed some truly incredible skills while dressed in an oddly strange outfit. First, he took a few pennies and instantly made them vanish in mid-air. He eventually pulled those pennies out of one of the children’s pockets after about a minute. Unexpectedly, the magician managed to pull a person off the ground. He was moving through the air like an eagle. When they witnessed the magician slice a man with a large blade, all the viewers were struck dumb. The students and their parents were continuously mesmerized by the magician’s tricks. There were other features including a balancing act, a juggling ball, card tricks, and fire. After each item, the audience erupted in raucous applause. Such magic performances can captivate young people’s hearts in this digital age. Considering that children are naturally interested in and enjoy fantasy, principal Barbara Thakur took the initiative to host this magic show for the students in order to combine fun with learning. The young Josephians generally gave the show a positive review. After the performance, we returned home in full excitement.

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