The Undertaker by Alexander Pushkin Questions and Answers

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The Undertaker By Alexander Pushkin Questions And Answers


1. What did the undertaker write on the notice?

He shut down the shop and pinned a notice about the house being sold or rented to the gates.

2. Why did the undertaker abuse the daughters?

He started verbally abusing his daughters and the servant for being so slow before offering to assist them.

3. How was the new abode of the undertake arranged?

The bedstead, table, sofa, and cabinet holding the holy images all had their designated spots in the back chamber, along with the crockery cabinet. The master’s stock in trade was displayed in the kitchen and parlor, including wardrobes full of mantles, funeral torches, and coffins in every colour and size.

What was written on the signboard?

“Here coffins are sold, covered, plain, or painted,” said the signboard that hung over the gate and featured a chubby cupid holding a torch in the opposite direction. They are also made available for hire, and damaged ones are fixed.

4. What did Adrian order and when?

Adrian went over to his house, sat down by the window, and gave the order to prepare the samovar again when the daughters had retired to their rooms.

5. Describe the attitude of Adrian?

The attitude of the undertaker was very much in line with his depressing line of work. Adrian Prohoroff tended to be gloomy and pensive. He didn’t speak unless he had to reprimand his girls for being idle.

6. What did Adrian think looking at the window?

He recalled the torrential downpour that had greeted the funeral of a retired brigadier at the turnpike gate a week before and caused numerous mantles and hats to constrict. Due to the deplorable state in which his current supply of burial attire was, he anticipated an inescapable expense.

7. who entered the room?

When the door opened, a man who appeared to be a German craftsman entered the room and walked over to the funeral director while smiling.

8.“Pardon me for disturbing you”

Who said this and to whom? Describe the person.

Adrian said this to Gottlieb Schultz.

Gottlieb Schultz, a bootmaker, lives in that small house across from your windows on the next street.

9. Why did he come to Adrian?

The bootmaker came to invite in his marriage anniversary to Adrian with his girls tomorrow.

10. What did the bootmaker say about his occupation? 

He had no cause for dissatisfaction. His items are obviously different from Adrian’s. While a dead body cannot function without a coffin, a living man can go without boots.

11. Who was present in the lodge of the bootmaker in the feast? 

The little lodge of the bootmaker was crowded with visitors, mostly German craftsmen, their wives, and helpers. There was just one watchman among Russian authorities, the Finn Yurko, who had managed to win the chief’s special favour despite his lowly station. Additionally, he had served the residents of Pogorelsk with honesty and loyalty for almost 25 years as a postman.

12. How did the hosts attend to the guest?

While dining with their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Schultz and their daughter Lochen, who is 17 years old, responded to their needs and helped the cook serve them.

13.”My good Louisa’s health!”-Who said this? When did the speaker say so? What did he do then?

The bootmaker said this.

The host yelled for everyone’s attention before loudly exclaiming in Russian while cracking open a bottle covered with pitch:

The false champagne bubbled. The host gave his 40-year-old wife a delicate kiss on the face while the guests cheered loudly for good Louisa.

14.“Now then! My friend, drink to the health of your corpses.”

Who said this and about whom? How did the person speak to react?

Gottlieb Schultz said this about Adrian’s job.

Adrian felt humiliated when other guests laughed at the remark of Gottlieb Schultz.

Adrian thought about whether his occupation had been less worthy than others.

15. I will ask my customers instead; my orthodox corpses.”

Who said this? When did the speaker say so?

Adrian said this?

After returning from the feast, Adrian felt humiliated by the twist of Gottlieb Schultz and got angry beyond the limit, he thought to invite the corpses instead of the guests like his neighbours.

16. Invite corpses to your housewarming! How awful!”

Who said this? When did the speaker say so?

The servant said this, at that moment he was taking off the undertaker’s boots.

17. I will give you what God has given me.

Who said this and when?

Adrian said this when drunk Adrian was laid down on the bed by his servant.

her steward had sent a special messenger on horseback to inform Adrian of the fact.

18. Whose steward had sent a messenger to inform Adrian?

What did the messenger inform Adrian?

The shopkeeper, Triuhina, had died in the night, and her steward had sent a special messenger on horseback to inform Adrian of the fact.

19.What did Adrian see in the Trihuna’s house?

Adrian saw that the police officers and mourning goods vendors were already stationed at the gate of the deceased woman’s home, circling around like birds smelling a body. The deceased was lying in state on the table, wax-yellow in colour but not yet decomposed-disfigured. In a crowd, she was observed by friends, family members, and domestics. The clergy was reading prayers while all the windows were open and wax tapers were blazing.

20.What did Adrian say to the nephew of the dead person?

Adrian approached the nephew, a young shopkeeper dressed in a stylish surtout, and told him that the casket, tapers, pall, and other funeral supplies will be sent right away.

21.“What the devil is this?”-Who said this and when? Why did the speaker say so?

Adrian said this.

Adrian said this when he examined his room.

The dead covered the space. Their yellow and blue features, sunken jaws, dim, half-closed eyes, and jutting noses were illuminated by the moon, which was shining through the windows. To his astonishment, Adrian recognized the deceased individuals in them, as well as the brigadier who had been buried outside in the pouring rain, in the visitor he had brought inside. All of them, ladies and gentlemen, surrounded the undertaker, bowing and welcoming him warmly, with the exception of one unfortunate man who had recently been buried for free and who, embarrassed by his rags, kept his distance in a room corner.

  22. have all risen to profit by your invitation– Who said this? what did he say here?

Speaking for the entire company, the brigadier said this.

He said that They all had risen to benefit from his invitation. Only those who were completely powerless to do differently, who have disintegrated and are reduced to their skeletal remains, have stopped at home.

23.“You do not recognise me, Prohoroff?” said the skeleton.-who said this, and what happened next?

Peter Petrovitch Kurilkin, a retired sergeant in the guards said this.

He was the buyer of Adrian’s first coffin in 1799; It was made of oak wood.

The dead man opened his long arms to embrace Adrian. But Adrian pushed him away after gathering his strength. Peter Petrovitch stumbled, toppled over, and broke apart. . All of them stood up to defend the honour of their friend, assaulting and threatening Adrian until the poor man, completely overpowered by their screams, lost consciousness among the retired guard sergeant’s bones.

24.“Oh, my batiushka! [little father] are you mad, or are you still suffering from last night’s drink?

Who said this and when?

Aksima, handing him his dressing-gown.

When Adrian asked if anyone came from the late Triuhina”

Why did the tailor and the watchman come to Adrian?

the tailor and the watchman come to Adrian to inform him about Turko’s name’s day.

25.“Really!” exclaimed the undertaker, delighted at the explanation.

Why was the undertaker delighted?

The undertaker was delighted as he was assured that everything that he had experienced last night was nothing but a dream.


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