News Report on Student Credit Card Scheme

Report in student credit card scheme 

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, announced the implementation of the Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme, under which students would start receiving loan facilities of up to Rs. 10 lakh from June 30. For eligibility for the credit card, applicants must be Indian nationals who reside in Bengal, be older than 18 years old, and have earned a 12th-grade diploma (or an equivalent) from a project supported by the West Bengal Exam Committee.

In their electoral agenda for the 2021 Assembly elections, the Trinamool Congress adopted the West Bengal student credit card plan. According to Ms. Banerjee, loans would be available for PhD and post-doctoral education in India and abroad for 40 years. The 15-year repayment period with a 4% interest rate starts after one year of landing a job. Only one higher education course or degree may be paid for with the money. The credit card will pay for college and lodging fees, exam costs, book, computer, and study tour expenses. In the event of future exceptional circumstances, the government may completely waive the outstanding balance.

In contrast to the national average of 25.8%, West Bengal had a gross enrollment ratio of 18.71% in higher learning in 2021–2018. The cause for not pursuing higher education is the financial situation. With the advent of this credit card, students won’t experience any financial difficulties and can borrow money from banks without encountering any additional obstacles. The guarantor will be the government. With the help of this credit card programme, the government hopes to raise the gross enrollment percentage to the required level.

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