A Project Report for class 12 on Theatrical Script-The Selfish Giant

Project on Theatrical Script-The Selfish Giant



This is to verify that………………………..[Name] of class xii has successfully finished the …………………project work for the Higher Secondary Examination [West Bengal] in the year 2022.




Project in our curriculum
The project is included as part of the course content in the revised syllabus. I’ve opted to work on a project to create a theatrical script for a story. The decision is made based on the project’s utility and collaborative learning.

 The Goals


  •  Characters, surroundings, and events in a story’s identity.
  •  Create dialogue for a theatre adaptation of the story.
  •  Incorporate dramatic elements to bring the events to life.
  • turn the story into a play.


Overarching Principle

  • By incorporating dramatic components into a narrative, it can be converted into a dramatic form.
  • To create an appropriate household structure, the story might be separated into several selections.
  •  Each pick can be fleshed out by giving the characters appropriate conversation.
  • Every character’s dialogue must be appropriate. The characters should talk in a lighthearted and playful manner, whereas a serious character should adopt a solemn demeanor.



  •  The overall project time restriction in relation to the needs and requirements of a comprehensive play.
  • Because I haven’t read many dramas or short tales, our perceptions of these literary forms were hazy.



An Overview

The project’s tasks of choosing a tale, determining the story’s essential events, writing a theatrical script, and presenting after practice are all organized according to a rigorous timetable. This section provides an overview of the collaborative efforts as well as the approaches and techniques used.


1st day

I was nervous on the first day.

  • I Select the prose,……The Selfish Giant…….. This post piqued my interest as a potential source for a fantastic theatrical script.
  • Introduce the story by reading it publicly to the class.
  • drew on the board the following headings: setting, actors, and incidents.
  •  where students are required to describe the story’s many locales.
  •  summarized the story’s major events.


2nd Day

On the second day, I began a discussion about the scene’s character. I looked into each character’s personality type.


3rd Day

On the third day, I broke the story into portions and formed distinct groups. I tightened up the plot and began drafting the conversation. On the chalkboard, I also sketch out the necessary improvisations and changes. My teacher required that I perform the same activity in order for us to develop.


4th Day

I was on my fourth day when

  • I Created a rough script based on our teachers’ instructions.
  • Added a narrator to tie together different sections of the screenplay into an united whole.


 5th Day

On the fifth day, I went to the school

  • I Provided each group with a copy of the draft script and asked them to read it thoroughly.
  •  Go over each part again, including the conversation and the physical scene.

based on the ideas, included certain dialogue, and left out others.


6th Day 

  •  Trials were used to assign roles.
  • a few students were chosen to read or act out their parts.
  • the dialogues were refined and fine-tuned to fit the story’s flow.


7th Day

  • Each student received a copy of the script. The day’s drama/theater rehearsal began.
  •  Some students received responsibilities such as selecting music, setting up the stage, supervising the action, and creating props, among other things.
  •  A manager was chosen to lead the rehearsal and help us enhance our acting abilities.


8th day

Without the use of the script, a rehearsal was held.


Day  9th

I presented the project report.


Introduction: Through experience in the field, this Proposed Project has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the various kinds of English Literature.

The primary goal of this project is to make a Report engaging and useful in accordance with the HS Council’s requirements.


Scriptwriting for Film/Theatre:


A film/theatre script differs from a literary work in that the former requires both listening and to see, whilst the latter simply requires hearing. Naturally, the theater plays a significant role in the development of a film or theater screenplay. The location of the video and audio equipment is also crucial. Aside and soliloquy are also significant. Most crucially, rather than description or narration, the conversation is the most vital aspect of writing a film/stage script. Converting a literary work to a film/theatre script is a true life experience, as the tone of speech can sometimes decide the meanings.


Scripts for the stage or film based on Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant



Spring, Snow, Frost, North Wind, Hail, Autumn, Tree, Giant, little children, a tiny child who is Jesus in disguise, Spring, Snow, Frost, North Wind, Hail, Autumn, Tree


scene -1



[The curtain rises.] Little boys can be seen playing and enjoying in a vast magnificent garden with smooth greenery and a variety of gorgeous flowers. There are also twelve peach trees on the property. In the garden, the birds are chirping. They occasionally take a break from their games to listen to the bird’s sing.]

Some children exclaim, “Oh!” It’s so much fun to play here! We’re never going to leave this garden. We’ll keep playing here indefinitely. [By this time, the Selfish Giant has returned from a seven-year absence to see his companion the Cornish Ogre.]

[Angry] The Selfish Giant: What are you doing in my garden and who are you? Are you aware that this garden is mine, my personal garden? I’m not going to let anyone in.


All the kids: “Run!” “Run!” “Run!” “Run!” “Run!” “Run!” “Run [The children flee in terror.] The Giant sets up a tall wall around in the garden and posts a sign that reads, “Trespassers will be prosecuted.”


Some Children: Oh! We don’t have anywhere to play now since the streets are dirty and full with stones.


[According to Nature’s cycle, spring arrives after a few days.]


Spring [in a soliloquy, looking at the garden]: I will not approach this garden. The Giant is extremely self-centered. What happened to my buddies, the kids?

[Snow and Frost make an appearance.][Snow and Frost


Snow and Frost : Hooray! We are delighted to be here!


[The North Wind blows in.]


North Wind[Covered in feathers]: What a joy! This is such a lovely location! Isn’t it true, dear friends, that we must welcome hail to come here?

[Hail appears in a grey suit with ice-cold breath.]


, the Selfish Giant: I’m baffled as to why Spring hasn’t arrived in my garden yet.


[Seasons changed everywhere, but in the Giant’s garden, it always wintered. ]


[North Wind, Snow, Frost, and Hail frolic gleefully across the garden, wreaking havoc on the garden’s splendor.]




[The Giant is sleeping in his castle’s bed. He has a good smell. In addition, he detects some nice music coming from his backyard. It’s the linnet’s voice. Hail has stopped dancing, and the North Wind has stopped screaming.]


The Giant: I’ve never smelled anything so wonderful in my life! Perhaps one of the king’s musicians is traveling by. I’ve heard some lovely songs. [He stares out the window.] He notices that the children have gotten into the garden through a little breach in the wall and are contentedly resting on the tree limbs. Only a small boy can be seen standing under a tree that is fully surrounded in frost and ice. He has been unable to climb the tree’s upper branches.]


The Tree told the Little Kid: I’ll be happy when you climb up, my beautiful child. The flowers are blooming profusely on all of the trees. If you reach up, I’ll be wrapped in flowers  as well.


The Young Child: Oh! I am a pretty small person. Hi! So, what am I going to do?


The Tree: Now is the time to climb up.


The Little Child: Ooh, my goodness! It’s very lovely.




The direction of the Stage:


[After viewing this incident, the Giant’s mind is completely transformed and he feels sorry for the Little Child.]


The Giant: What a selfish person I am! I’ve finally figured out why Spring hasn’t arrived in my garden. I apologize profusely for my blunder. I will defiantly demolish the wall and remove the notice board. From now on, my garden must be a children’s playroom at all times. The Giant visits the public garden. When the kids have seen the Giant, they flee, and Spring follows them. The Giant appears to the Little Child, who had been unable to see him.]


The Giant exclaims, “Oh!” Don’t cry, my baby; I’ll pick you up into the tree.


The Little Child: What a sweetheart you are! (The giant ascended the tree with him.) I’m overjoyed right now!


[The Giant is affectionately kissed by the Little Child. As a result of this, the children return, bringing spring with them.]


The Giant says to the children, “Don’t be afraid any longer.” I am your mate. Forever and ever, dear kids, this is your garden.


The Young People: You’re fantastic! From now on, we’ll be playing here?


[The Giant demolishes the barrier. He starts playing with the kids.]


People [observe and converse]: It’s wonderful that the Giant is enjoying with the small children. The children are happily playing, laughing, and moving around. What a lovely scene it is.]


The Young People: Thank you very much! Come back the next day.


[with intense curiosity] The Giant: Where is my darling little boy? I have a strong want to see him. I adore each and every one of you. But he is the one I adore the most.


The Kids: We have no idea what his name is. He has vanished.


The Giant [excitedly]: Please tell him to come meet me right away.


The Children: This is the first time we’ve ever seen him.


[extremely mournfully] The Giant: Will I be able to see him no longer?


[As time passes, the Giant becomes increasingly elderly and frail. He can no longer play with the kids, so he sits in a big armchair and compliments his garden.]

The Giant: The most lovely flowers of all are the children.

[It’s a cold morning in the winter]


The Giant [dressed and looking out the window]: Winter will give way to spring. My garden will be blooming shortly, and birds will be singing.


The Giant exclaims to himself, “Oh!” What a wonderful sight I’m seeing! Oh! What I observe in the garden’s farthest corner! There is a tree that is completely covered in lovely white blossoms. It’s now winter, therefore it’s a miracle. The tree’s branches had turned golden, with silver fruits dangling from them. Oh! Is the little child underneath the tree whom I so desperately wanted to see still there? I had to go see him. He dashes across the grass to get close to the child. As he gets closer to the child, his face flushes with rage. He notices the prints of two nails on the child’s palms and the traces of two nails on the child’s small feet.

[Angry] The Giant: Who dared to damage you in such a horrible way? What a pity! Please identify the perpetrator. I’m going to have to take out my large sword and murder him.


The Child: You don’t have to do this, my little child. Love’s wounds are like this.


[When the Giant hears such a response, he kneels before the small child.]


[With great respect] The Giant: Who are you? I believe he was none other than Jesus.


[Smiling at the Giant] The Child: I used to play in your garden. Now you can join me in my garden, which is called Paradise.

[After some time has passed, it is discovered that the Giant is dead beneath that tree, his body coated blossoms.]

The kids say to each other, “Alas!”

Our friend, the Giant, is no longer with us. May his spirit find eternal rest.

[The children are shown standing around the Giant’s dead body, crying.]

As the light dims, a piece of gentle sorrowful music plays in the background. The curtain is drawn back.

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