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Report writing for class 12 /10

Report writing

 A daring train robbery   


A desperado train robbery happened in( the name of  the train)….near..(name if the place) when it was 2.. ….. An eye witness says, ten robbers entered the train as ordinary passengers. Their ages were between 20  -25.. The robbers  took out their weapons  from their bags when the train entered the station. Then they pointed their  guns at the head of the passengers and threatened the passengers not to raise voice. The started collection of the jewellery,    Mobile phones, purses, cash , laptops from the innocent passengers of the train. When the were successful in their operation ,  they threatened the passengers not to  make noise and jumped out of the train. After the   incident , the rail police were informed,  They started their investigation, but no robber has been arrested till now.

Report on raising fund for calamity  victims


The pupils of (name of the school)  made an arrangement of raising relief fund for helping the ( name of calamit) victims of ( place where the calamity occured) .The school management  fixed a particular period of one week for collecting the fund. A  request  notice was issued in the school notice to ask the students to donate cash and other necessary materials to help the victims. But the students not only donated   from their own but also tried collect fund from the neighbours, taking the permission of the management . The local people and the neighbours of our school  also had extended their helping hands to accomplish the noble mission. The students collected  more the 1 lakh from the  outside. Some businessmen and sevicemen helped with medicines and clothes.Then the collected amount of money, medicies  and the clothes and sent to the chief minister relief fund of the state. This noble work made the glory of the school   brighter.It had added a new feather in school’s reputation.  

How to write event report

Here some steps are given below to write an ideal event report 

Heading-Here put a title that describes the full contend of your report, an expressive contend.

By – Here put the name of the person who is writing the report.  Always remember that you should not mention your personal detail in your answer.

The opening para–Here you give introduction. This section includes five section. Here you must give five questions about the incident. They are 1)what happened

2)When happened  
3)Why happened,
4)Where the incident happened
5)Who were invited. Here you can write who were the chief guest,,  Judge,  and other guests.

The accout of the incident in detail  — here you give proper description of the event. The student must maintain the proper sequence of the events occured with description.  . The description of the event can be clear.

Conclusions— In the last section, you should give a short but clean description of how the programme ended. Here you can put the quote of the chief guests, special guest and other eminent persons.

Annual prize giving ceremony  


(Tha name of the school) arranged prize giving ceremony on (name of the day) in the school auditorium with pomp and grandeur. All the talented and brilliant students were  given award for their mindblowing achievement in various fields of the education and culture. The sections for which the prizes and awards were given were art exhibition, dance, song, poster writing, math apptitude, slogan writing, volley ball,  basketball, kho kho etc The school authority selected 35 students to be awarded for full attandance in the academic year.

The principal of the school, ( name of the school)  blessed the students and told them to move forward  with the same enthusiasm and youthful vigour. In his speech, he said “all the children are brilliant and talented, but they need proper guidance and training to reach at the top of their goal”. He also said that ” it can be done by their teachers’. He also motivated the students to take part in various co curricular activities. At last he read out the annual report of the programme.   

A student named  ( name of the student) recited a poem and enthralled all. Besides a dance ballet on various aspects of indian folk dance was performed by the pupils of the school and impressed all the present.  The programme was concluded with the singing of our national anthem.

write a report for your school magazine on Blood Donation Camp organised  in your school . 

Blood donation  camp in ( the name of the school) 

xyz School

By (Writer’s Name)

 A Blood Donation Camp was organized on Oct 1 3, 2 ()xx. The activities Of the
camp were carried out by the N.S.S wing of the school and the ‘Blood donation  committee’. The chief guest for this occasion was the noted senior doctor of district Hospital, Mr. Roy. He inaugurated the event by donating blood himself. This encouraged people to donate blood without any apprehension. Consequently, the  number of blood donors surpassed the estimated number.. The blood donation committee  appointed ten doctors for the event. About 150 units blood were collected from the camp. The doctors and the nurses  worked throughout the day to collect blood. The donors were given eggs and apples and breads after the donation. Later, the chief guest presented the N.S.S volunteers with appreciation certificates. He congratulated everyone for organising this noble event.

Annual Sports In School




annual sports function of our school was held on the last  Monday in our school ground. On that day, the atmosphere of the school took a festive look.The school was decorated  with glag festoons and banners. A notice was issued in the school  notice  board  to  invite  the  students  and  the guardians  to attend the programme . So  a great interest was observed among the students and the guardians. All of them came in a large number to enjoy the sports program. Honorable city chairman,  ( name)  was the chief guest and the secretary   of the school was the
special guest. The guests arrived at 10.30 am. Before the events began.The programme  begun taking the oath of olympic games. Then the names of the competitors were called out in the micro phone. . The students were lined up in several riws . There were several sports events such as high jump, long jump, pole vault, 100 meter race. I got two prizes in long jump  and ploe vault.The competitors were given a packet of high tiffin  after the event.The last event of the programme  was throwing  ball and the musical  chair for the teachers and the madams respectively . Atlast the chief guest advised  in speech to give more time and importace in sports.  The Headmaster inspired us  to do better in the future and also told to keep on the practice  regularly .The programme  was concluded  at about 4:30 pm with our national  song “band mataram “. 


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