You are currently viewing An autobiography of a river -very important essay for the students

An autobiography of a river -very important essay for the students

 An autobiography of a river  

autobiography of a river


I am a river. I was born a long time ago in a mysterious mountain region. I am a combination of several streams. From the day I was born I had no peace to continue and visit places I did not know. So I was very active in the ministry and was able to overcome any obstacles I was facing. I crept along the small rivers, climbed mountains, and began my journey to unknown lands. I feel really strong, invincible and innocent at this point as I walk through a rough terrain with solid undercurrents.

Sometimes I throw hundreds of feet away from great heights with great force. This is known as the waterfall. As I made my way down the road with cracked rocks and debris, I finally reached the plains.
At this point in my career, I find myself on the high plains and seeing my course expand. The water that I bring down here in the mountains is well used by the people who live in the area. It is interesting to see so many places to stay in my banks. People feel very important because they feel holy, holy and the source of life. As well as small townships, houses also have temples. The magnificent beauty to me is so beautiful and so wonderful. From the rugged mountains, I tend to descend slightly and loosen up the plains above. I am the only source of clean and fresh water and I feel happy that I am useful to so many people. As I progress, I collect more dirt, rocks, and debris and survive. So I lose speed and walk slowly across the plains.
Leaving the upper plains I reach the lower plains. The soil I travel with is very fertile and very suitable for agriculture. I fill the plains with fertile soil that enriches the entire area that increases the yield and harvest of the fields along my coast. Several farmers depend on me for their livelihood and livelihood. I irrigate the fields, which helps the plants to grow in abundance here. This makes the region prosperous and promotes economic growth. There is always a lot of hustle and bustle here and the scenery is so beautiful and so rich.
As I walked across the plains, I slowed down considerably and began taking turns. Several townships have developed in my banks, with commercial and economic significance. These townships also have different cultures. I have become a forum for trade and commerce. People carry goods to and fro on the river for trade. My water is used for bathing, household chores and drinking as well.
Sometimes while studying in the mountains and plains, especially during the rainy season I carry a lot of water that causes floods. To control the amount of water I carry, people build dams. I move with great anger and power at this time, and sometimes I even cause great damage to civilization. Large reservoirs have been built, which will be used for agricultural purposes during the dry season. At the peak of my trip, namely in the mountains, the government has launched many hydel power projects to generate electricity. The electricity produced here helps the industry to grow and also helps the people living in the area at work and in business.
In this way I continue to travel endlessly until I meet the sea. On the way down the river, I play the role of creator and destroyer. Several homes and houses were washed away by me during the floods; but at the same time I am the source of new life, especially agriculture. I add fertile soil to the plains that help plants grow, which will boost the country’s economic growth.
My goal is to keep flowing until I meet the sea. This is the last phase of my journey. Here people build ports and factories. This brings a certain amount of dirt and grime. On the way up my water is clean without dirt; but in the last phase of my journey, I cannot maintain my innocence because of human activity. So my journey actually does not end. I continue to flow forever with the intention of serving humanity for future generations.

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