You are currently viewing Broad questions and answers from R k Narayanan LEELA’S FRIEND for class 11

Broad questions and answers from R k Narayanan LEELA’S FRIEND for class 11


leelas friend

Describe the character  of Sidda

,Sidda  has been presented within the story as a
real servant that is accountable to the Sivasanker household and a dependable and
continual friend of Leela. He performed all his works faithfully and took
treatment of Leela. He’d an excellent skill that is imaginative. From his imagination, he built up stories that enthralled Leela. He had the power that made her think that he’d the ability to
regulate the moon. He had no curiosity about scientific studies and learnt nothing that Leela tried to teach him. He also had no standard concept and simple tips
to prove himself innocent as he ended up being accused of taking the string. He
remained speechless throughout and became the prey of cruel justice because he belonged to lower course whose voice is not heard.

How did Leela attempt to teach Sidda?

Answer) Leela utilized to create Sidda squat on
the floor by having a pencil between their fingers as well as a catalog in
front of him. She then used to command him to write down on the copy and Sidda had to make an
effort to duplicate whatever Leela typed in the pages. When Sidda would not duplicate Leela’s writings and drawings, Leela would rebuke Sidda and redouble
her efforts to teach him. But Sidda was pinned to his seat to learn, till his rigid wrist cracked. Though he had a great ability to Control the Moon, he was incompetent at learning that Leela used to keep. Sidda
then managed himself free to say her to dinner and that would end the school hour.

What message is convened by Mr. Sivasanker’s final statement in the story?


why did they not agree to engage sidda in the house again? 

Sidda is a poor,  illiterate boy. He wandered here and there to earn his livelihood. But, when the chain was lost, the eye of suspicion fell on him. Sidda was not a thief and a criminal also. Mrs. Sivasanker suspected that he had taken away the chain.  So the honesty of Sidda was questioned. Mrs. Sivasanker  was afraid of giving the shelter a criminal like sidda. Moreover, Mr. Sivasanker confirmed that Sidda had been earlier in jail for stealing jewelry from children. Even the police inspector confirmed that Sidda was a jailbird.  The information from the police gave oil to  Sivasanker’s suspicious mind. Though all the accusations against  Sidda had not any real evidence. Actually, Sidda was a sufferer under the whip of cruel law. 


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