SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE or Present indefinite Tense /Important for the Students of all Grades

Present Tense


Present Indefinite or  simple present tense is extensively used in English grammar tenses. The simple present or present indefinite    tense is being used  for an action or event that is

1)    for  Repeated, routines and events happen regularly

2)    for In habits

3)     for True facts or general truths

4)   for   exptessing Scheduled events or to express fixed agreement.  

5)    for  jokes, anecdotes and film or book summaries

6)     for commentaries on events taking place at the moment

7)     for demonstrations and instructions

8)      for synopses

9)      for newspaper headlines

10)  for instructions or directions

11)  for expressing  future

Let’s see some examples where simple present tense have been used.   

1.we use simple presenttense for expressing an action of daily routine life or the action is is repeated      

We take the bus  to the office every morning.
It rains every night in the hot season.
Riju  sleeps five  hours every night

2. For  our habits

 He takes tea at breakfast

Riju  brushes his teeth twice a day
She only eats paneer

3. For truth facts or general truth

The Queen of England lives inBuckinghamPalace.
A cow  has four legs.
They come from Australia

4. We use simple present tense for  expresding scheduled events or to express fixed events

The train leaves tonight at8 PM.
The party starts at9 o’clock.
The class begin tomorrow

5. In jokes, anecdotes and film
In his new film Riju  plays the part of a brave cowboy

6. Simple present  tense is used In commentaries on events taking place at the moment

Manna passes to Ali, Ali makes a quick pass to Sima

7. In demonstrations and instructions

First, boil some water. Then warm the teapot. Then add two teaspoons of tea.  Take tea and  pour in the boiled water to the teapot

8. Simple present tense is used in synopses and review of books or films.

For example

R. N Tagore’s  novel is an  romance set in British India in    the 19 century. The action takes place over a period of 25 years

9.Simple Present Tense is used  In newspaper headlines or heading 

For example 

India beats Australia by 4 Wickrts In cricket

10. For giving  instructions or directions

Walk  to end of the lane  and then turn left.

11. For  expressing future time

He will go to her house in the coming  Year

Always remember 

1. When tre subject is third person singular, (he, she, it,)add “s” or “es” to the end of the first form of the verb

example :Shee go to school by train. – wronge

She goes to school by train – correct

2. “Does” is used when the subject is Third person singular, means– (he, she and it,) “do” is used with all other subjects other than 3 rd person.

example : When does you do it? – wrong

When do you di it? – correct

3. When “does” is used, “s” or “es” is not used with main verb.

example : Where does he live? – correct

Where does he lives? – wrong

I hope the above explanation   will help you to understand the usage of the simple present tense in your daily life and writing . This tense is one of the most extensively used  tenses in English. You must learn them by heart if you want to master the English grammar tenses,Thank you

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