Questions and answers

The Eyes Have It
By Ruskin Bond

The Eyes Have It By Ruskin Bond

For class 12 Higher secondary 

Questions and answers Below   

What did the narrator guess about a girl”s hair?

  The narrator was
completely blind, so he had to guess the girl”s hair .on hearing the voice of the
girl”S, the narrator drew a mental picture of the girl’s hair. But when the girl  was departing, the narrator  was tempted by the sweet smell of the girls’
hair and he became curious to know the girl’s hairstyle. He had no other
option except imagination. so he imagined that either she wore her hair in a bun
or it was plaited .he also asked himself whether it was hanging loose over her
shoulders or it was cut very short. But when he wanted to touch the hair, he
found that the girl moved awa

2)“…..Yes, October is the best time” —? What time is mentioned in the line? why did the narrator call October the best time? what is the occasion of the remark?what was the result of the remark?    

 The narrator of the short story ‘The Eyes Have it’  said here.t

The month of October of the autumn is referred to here. 

The narrator recalled his memories. He said in October the hills are covered with dahlias and the warmth of the sun turns pleasant. Most of the tourists have gone and the roads are silent and deserted. During the night a nature lover can sit in front of a log fire and drink a little brandy to enjoy the beauty.  .So the narrator said that no other time is as great as October.   

The narrator was going to Mussorie. Hearing this, the girl said that she wished to visit Musorrie too. She also said that she loved the hills, especially in October that was the event of the narrator’s comment.   

Memories of the scenic beauty of Mussorie made the girl nostalgic and reflective. Hence the girl remained silent.

 3] “…………She had beautiful eyes,but they were of no use to her“[a line from text] 
Whose eyes are referred to here?Why were the eyes useless to the girl? Explain the irony. 
The eyes of the girl are referred to here.  

The eyes weren’t useful to her because she was completely blind at that point 

. From the beginning of the journey, the narrator decided of pretending of being a normal eye sighted man to the girl. He was successful to continue his trick. Even he overcome all committed mistakes with his trickery. He discovered that the girl was Pretty, but he was curious about the girl’s hair. He had tried to touch her hair, as the tantalizing hair of the girl was undiscovered to the narrator.It was undiscovered, as the girl had left the compartment.    

 But when the second co-passenger came to him, he asked if the girl had kept her hair short or long. The new passenger was puzzled and replied he did not see the girl’s hair, he only noticed the girl’s gorgeous eyes which were of no use to her as the girl was a complete blind. 

The irony of things is that the narrator was trying to cover his blindness from a woman who was also blind. Truly it’s too pathetic to believe the 2 blind persons both of whom tries to cover their blindness from each other.

3) – who is the  speaker ? What do you mean by the phrase the phrase  ‘brief encounter’ referred to here? Why did the speaker think  that it was a brief encounter ?

In ‘The Eyes Have It’ the storyteller thought this about the young lady who got off at Saharanpur. 

In the hour of train venture, the storyteller met a young lady in his compartment. He preferred the sound of her voice and got intrigued by her. They were talking unreservedly. When they were encountering he commented with darkness on her face by saying that she had a ‘fascinating face’. Accordingly, the train showed up the young lady’s objective. Their discussion was known as the short experience. 

In spite of the fact that the storyteller had an interest in the young lady, he didn’t have the foggiest idea of how the young lady would view their short experience. The storyteller was set up to go with her for a long time. The young lady was satisfied that it was a short excursion. So the storyteller figured the young lady would overlook their short experience when she would get down.

  4)………… Then i made a mistake”what mistake was done by  the narrator  here?was it really a mistake?How did the narrator make up his mistake?What did the narrator do then? 

In the beautiful story of Ruskin Bond,  the memory of beautiful Mussorie made the girl nostalgic and reflective. So she remained silent for a while. But the silence of the girl created a doubt in the narrator’s mind that the words of Mussorie had impressed the girl or she was thinking him a romantic fool. To change the topic and make the girl easy, the narrator asked the girl what it was like outside. This question is really a mistake from the narrator’s side.

The narrator was hiding his blindness from the very beginning and was acting as a normal eye sighted man with the girl. A sighted man never asks such a question — What was it like outside?.So it is really a vreat mistake from the narrator’s side.

When the girl had heard the question of the narrator, she found no unusual in it. Rather she asked why he did not look outside of the window himself.The narrator got rid if his doubt when he was asked this question.

The narrator went along the berth and felt the window ledge.Then he pretended of studying the landscape and conversation with the girl.             

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